Heart Rate Variability in Man’s Routine

While the terrors of modernity are increasingly encroaching upon an individual’s sanity, it is gradually becoming harder to keep oneself in shape. The lifestyle apps are coming to the rescue, though – with the new Heart Rate Variability metric at its speartip. The explanation is coming – let’s get the show on the road.

What is Heart Rate Variability?

And, more specifically, what does HRV mean? Well, the specific, in-detail article covering this topic can be found here. Should you need brief conclusions, I am here to lend you a helping hand. 

So, Heart Rate Variability is the phenomenon of the difference in time between heartbeats. Yes, you got that right – your heart is not as consistent as a metronome. The interval between each heartbeat differs, so even at a perfect rate of 60 BPS, the intervals constantly vary from 1 second in various ranges.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, but high heart rate variability is considered to be okayish for the healthy heart, and low HRV suggests the current dominance of the sympathetic nervous system (and thus stress). Rationally, the rule of thumb is “higher is better”.

Then, how to increase Heart Rate Variability? 

Since high HRV is a broadly positive indicator, no specific recommendations of improvement can be given. Long story short, to achieve increased HRV, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle – getting a balanced combination of rest, mental and physical activities. Your physiological needs should be tended to – and I mean all of them.

Whatever, how to calculate HRV? 

In order to know your HRV, you should get two pieces of the puzzle. The first one is the device that will be tracking your cardiovascular metrics, including resting heart rate. These are quite a presence on the market and range from chest-strapped to forearm-strapped, from electrical to optical, from standalone to even incorporated into fitness-tracker watches. Be careful to do your own research regarding which one better suits your needs and is affordable enough.

The second piece is the special software that completes the task of data processing and results interpreting. Using a wide array of algorithms from gathered info can serve as a stress measuring tool and meditation tracker. Again, the app markets are breaking under the weight of all the “health apps”, but I may advise you to start your path in a conscious lifestyle with Welltory. From the standpoint of its incredible user-friendliness, this app can be considered ideal for the newcomer in the field. 

It does not make any sense! How does this even work? 

Since heart rate variability research is real science, the concepts and the technology can understandably be a bit too hard to grasp immediately. Prepared for such an occurrence, Welltory specialists created an educational video hosted on Youtube and thus is freely accessible by all. So, should a true man have spare time and corresponding levels of enthusiasm, do not hesitate to give it a look. 

Anyway, what is the point? Why would I even need this? 

The point is to constantly improve oneself and never to let oneself remain in the comfort zone. Any man’s life should be filled with the perpetual struggle to achieve greatness in any endeavor possible – because that’s what heroes do! Strongly remember – “Good” is a mortal enemy of “Perfect”. While you probably won’t be able to turn any of the fitness models into your loyal housewife, it is undoubtedly worth giving it a try. 

So, monitoring your Heart Rate Variability allows you to get a part of your life fully in control.

Remember the previously set rule of thumb, “Higher is better”? Yeah, thanks to HRV readings, you can now continually acquire priceless knowledge on whether certain activity is harmful or beneficial to your health – check updated HRV readings! If they are unusually low, such action is stress-inducing, and it is better to avoid it.

More importantly, such knowledge gives you the freedom to make proper decisions on your own – to make your own luck, fate, and destiny. Any man needs to be in charge of himself, choose what’s best for him and not for the crowd, strive for the happiness and enjoyment in achieving the life goals and for the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, may I add. These core tenets of rational egoism should form the barebones of contemporary man’s morals.

The need? 

Still, it would be unwise to deny the recent scientific achievements and breakthroughs that could very well be helpful to the cause. Perhaps “need” is a slight over-exaggeration, yet heart rate variability is such a helpful metric that embracing it is just a little short of being a “necessity”. The tools you are getting at your disposal are well worth the effort invested into them.

Accordingly, anyone interested in a self-improved and healthy lifestyle should consider adopting HRV monitoring into their daily routine. You can, for example, try Welltory even without any tracking device, using only the smartphone’s camera.

After all, real men need to control their loads in the gym, but during the stressful business stuff during the working day. Thus, you can keep everything under control – even heart rate variability. Live your life as it fits best for you – and very soon, your story may as well be featured on the cover of our men’s lifestyle magazine

A small post-scriptum

However, regarding the rule of thumb, remember not to waver to consult a professional physician should you need any help in interpreting HRV readings or, more importantly, should you feel unwell. With all due respect for the smoothness of the algorithms, they can neither substitute years of experience of a real doctor nor his knowledge of your anamnesis.


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