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3 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Bookworm Friends

Sailun Tires

Finding the right gift for a friend who is always hidden behind a book seems like a simple task, because let’s face it, the perfect gift is obviously another book. However, that’s when it turns from an easy task to a difficult one. Which book would your friend like? How can you be sure which books your bibliophile friend already read? Unless you have a wish list written by your favorite book lover, you might find yourself wondering if you have no idea of the answers to these questions. If this is the case, this article may help you find the ideal gift for any occasion.

EBook subscription services

When you don’t know which book to choose for your bookworm friend, eBooks subscription services can be a fantastic idea. Many ebooks platforms offer a wide variety of digital books that can be accessed and read once you type in a password. This password grants unlimited access to all kinds of digital books for a certain time period, depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend or the rules of a digital reading platform. These eBooks can be read with the use of a computer or tablet screen, but can also be printed out in case your friend isn’t a fan of technological innovations. It can be helpful to visit Allied Publishing for good source of information on eBook subscription services. It provides a great example of how digital book services work and explains what you get when you purchase a subscription service. You can surprise your friend early in the morning by sending an email with a password in it for quick access to beloved books and articles. This is an incredible way to celebrate your friends’ passion for reading and to show that you care about their interests.

The book lover’s journal

A journal for your bookworm friend will provide space for writing a wish list, listing books that were read, and keeping a record of books that were lent to people and friends. Your friends will be able to keep track of all the book-related matters while having something that will always remind them of you and your gift. A book lover’s journal might be the perfect gift idea for your bibliophile friends.


Every bookworm will love a collection of bookmarks, and every bookmark has its own story to tell. You can find a suitable and meaningful bookmark in the store or order a personalized and one-of-a-kind bookmark that will be made specifically for your friend. There are so many options for various types of bookmarks that can be chosen as a gift, from leather to paper, and from simple to luxurious. Choose a design that your friend will appreciate and find it useful when marking the page of a book they stopped at with the gifted bookmark.

These 3 creative gift ideas are all about the best book-themed presents for those friends that are always immersed in another world with their faces glued to the book pages. Think for a minute about these friends and what kind of a gift they will prefer to receive on their birthdays or other traditional holidays. Gift-giving is all about considering the other person’s interests and desires and showing them our love and affection.


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