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How do you win with women ALL the time?


How do you win with women ALL the time?

You know you get those guys sometimes who just seem to be continually surrounded by great looking girls – yet they always manage not to get tied down?
So how do they do it?

Well success breeds success – and the greater their success in this endeavour, the more they’re likely to be successful again s it’s all down to confidence and being entirely yourself.

Most of us know the feeling of having a “purple patch” where nothing you do seems to go wrong. Unfortunately, though, it’s a bit like a gambler’s lucky streak in that it always comes to an end and you don’t seem to be able to maintain it right? Suddenly, you have a beautiful girl on your arm but you find yourself feeling more like “Mini-Me” actor Verne Troyer with Paris Hilton in that bgo TV ad than you do George Clooney.

George may be married now, but he certainly never had any trouble ‘getting the girl’
So why is that? What happens to make our confidence suddenly go off a cliff?

Well let’s stay with our neat bgo online casino example for a second. It doesn’t have to be bgo, of course, a site such as Caesars or Dazzle casino will do just as well. You can win time after time in any casino and think it’s easy. Then suddenly, for no reason whatsoever, you’re losing what seems like every roll of the dice. This is, of course, purely down to chance and the logical side of our brain knows that. The trouble is the emotive side of your brain doesn’t and you lose confidence – even though you logically shouldn’t. It’s the same with girls. You allow your confidence to take the hit even when you’ve simply rolled the dice unluckily twice in a row.

This makes no sense. But there are ways you can stack the odds in your favour. You can make confidence happen, to a large extent, by taking care of every aspect of your health and appearance (including your wardrobe). This helps you feel a lot better about yourself and other people around us pick up on this in subliminal ways; your health, well-being and – therefore – confidence, radiates from within. You know what suits you best and what look and feel you’re comfortable with, so go with that only.

And this brings us neatly onto our next point; always, always be yourself. If you try too hard to be like someone else or to please others around you all the time – people pick up on this and it simply doesn’t work. There will always be guys smarter, more handsome, funnier, taller, shorter, stronger etc., than you – so don’t try to beat them, just be who you are. Never try to force your own square peg into that round hole. Instead, try to be utterly true to yourself at all times and in everything you say and do – and if others don’t like it, so be it. You can’t please all the people all of the time. In this way, people will like you for who you are and will be drawn to you. They’ll also be kindred spirits, which is better yet.

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